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ATAP is a collaborative and supportive association of tax and accounting professionals operating independently across Canada. Since 1981 we have been providing this community of peers with continuing education and other resources to help them grow thriving practices.


ATAP provides independent Tax, Accounting and other financial professionals with the tools and support they need to grow thriving practices.

How ATAP Works For You

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  1. We elevate, promote and maintain ethics and high standards of accounting, income tax, and business consulting services.
  2. We foster and advance the interests of those engaged in such services.
  3. We encourage continuing education among its members in the theory and practice of accounting and taxation.
  4. We promote the interchange of knowledge associated with accounting, management techniques and income tax.
  5. We offer professional and business practice guidance to our members.

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Knowledge. Integrity. Reliability.

These are just a few of the qualities you want in your Professional Accountant and Tax Consultant.

Members of the Association of Tax & Accounting Professionals are dedicated, self-employed, independent financial advisors who are committed to maintaining the highest standards and up-to-date information regarding the financial aspects of your business.

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