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ATAP Presents Awards & Recognition

What is ATAP Awards & Recognition?

ATAP Awards & Recognition is a new program initiative set up to give back to the members through events and to help recognize the partners who make it possible to give it to our members.

2017 ATAP/Knowledge Bureau
Scholarship Award

Award went to:  Tim Manery

Tim Manery Award

2018 ATAP/Knowledge Bureau
Scholarship Award

Award went to:  Ibrahim Hijazi

Ibrahim Hijazi

2018 Raise The Bar
ASAP Cheques Prize Winner

Award went to:  Sue Hopcroft

Sue Hopcroft - ASAP Cheque Prize Winner

2018 Raise the Bar
Fall Seminar Mini Putt Winner

Award went to:  Martin Titmus

Martin Titmus

Raise the Bar Mini Putt Tournament

Just a few obstacles that the players had to go through!!!!  It was a dangerous course, but we all made it out alive!!

ape  Ape with Maria  tiger andre conquering alligator  hippo  terri being eaten by hippo

To Find out how you can also be one of the award winners, please either come to an event or to win the scholarship click here

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