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The latest news and educational opportunities in the accounting and finance industries from ATAP.

Introducing the ATAP Blog

Nov 24th, 2021

News, Events, FAQs and humour, brought to you by ATAP members.

Ontario's Fall Fiscal Update

Nov 23rd, 2021

When is a Budget not a Budget? When it's an Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, which is what we got earlier this month. For something with a name that long, there wasn't too much contained in the document itself. Here are a few income tax highlights.

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Posts about accounting and tax issues that may be of interest to current and potential members and clients. Written by our members and colleagues.


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A collection of frequently asked questions about tax and accounting issues, and their answers.

Donating stocks

Nov 29th, 2021

Q:  Giving Tuesday is coming up – is there any way that I can help out my favourite charity and save on Income Tax at the same time?

Filing Deadline for Self-Employed

Nov 22nd, 2021

Q:  This year, I was laid off from my job and I started a small construction business.  I haven’t incorporated yet, but I plan to next year.  When is my return due?  My wife works at the bank – when is her return due?

Accountants aren't the only professionals who use terms or phrases that are difficult for others to understand. This series of posts ponders the meaning of commonly-used accounting jargon.

Black Friday

Nov 26th, 2021

The day Businesses are Back in the Black.

Post-mortem Pipeline Planning

Nov 18th, 2021

Okay, if you understand what that means, there isn't really a better way to say it.  But...

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