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Posted Jul 27th, 2016 in News & Events

Even though we’re entering the dog days of summer, we’ve been busy.

First off, visit our website at the new address –– which is being changed over time to properly reflect the national scope of the Association.  You will also notice that the website, while maintaining the same look and feel, is different.  All “Public-Facing Pages” are now re-worked with an eye to accomplishing two main objectives – providing information to prospective clients for you in addition to new ATAP members to help us all grow.

What are “Public Facing Pages”?  Glad you asked because you will notice a new tab across the top – Member Log-In.  The “Member Log-In” now provides you with all the information you need as a Member, and is only accessible to Members.

NOTE:  You will be prompted to establish your password on first log-in.  Your temporary password was emailed to you on July 28, 2016.  Check it out and set your Member Log-In password today!

This has allowed for increasing the depth of information that is exclusive to Members including:

  • Full information on Member Benefits, including how to activate these money saving benefits for your business.
  • Full information on Educational Opportunities including discount codes and registration details.
  • Standards & Bylaws includes all the documentation that pertains to you with your ATAP membership.  As the documentation is formatted all this will be available for you to download the current versions at any time.
  • Your Public Profile can still be updated by you within the Member Log-In section.  For security reasons changes to your Profile requires a secondary password check.  Note that this will be your “old” password and not the new password you will create when logging into the Member Only section for the first time.

Have a look today, set your password and check out all the benefits of membership that are available to you now...


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