2019 ATAP-KB Scholarship Awards

Posted Aug 18th, 2018 in News, Events & Educational Opportunities

Applications for the 2019 ATAP-Knowledge Bureau Scholarship Award are now being accepted. The award is open to Affirmed Members in good standing with the Association of Tax and Accounting Professionals (ATAP). A completed application form and written synopsis of your achievements may be submitted to ATAP (admin@ATAPCanada.org) before September 10, 2019.

Tim Manery, ATAP – KB Scholarship Recipient (2017)

Tim Manery - 2017 ATAP-KB Scholarship Recipient

As the first recipient of the ATAP-KB Scholarship, Tim Manery exhibits the professionalism and approach to all aspects of financial management.

When asked about the value proposition provided by M2 Financial Solutions, Tim stated “We are uniquely positioned to provide insightful Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Income Tax and Accounting services for individuals and small businesses under one umbrella. These closely integrated services provide the cradle to grave solution that most clients crave, but never receive.”

Tim and the staff at M2 Financial Solutions use a multi-advisor approach with their clientele which brings a unique and professional approach to dealing with their client finances. “Because of my wealth management training with the Knowledge Bureau I can hold my own in most conversations with the Certified Financial Planners and advisors in and outside our office. We are able to work with financial advisors to build a comprehensive solution for clients”, says Tim.

Ibrahim Hijazi, ATAP – KB Scholarship Recipient (2018)

Ibrahim HijaziAs the second recipient of the ATAP-KB Scholarship, Ibrahim Hijazi exhibits the professionalism and approach to all aspects of financial management.

When asked about the value proposition provided by Album Data Management, Ibrahim stated “I always do my best to build wealth for my clients and encourage them to save for the future and to invest as much as they can and make sure that all aspects of possibilities are taken care of and make sure they benefit from tax system to save taxes and save for their family and children's future..”

Ibrahim sees himself as Business Man who operates an Accounting and tax consulting and preparation practice service my clients at highest level of efficiency and accuracy with a plan not only to file taxes but to make sure they succeed in life and business and build wealth for themselves and families. I constantly try to improve my business same like any business to serve my clients and increase my client base year after year based on referral.

About the ATAP-KNOWLEDGE BUREAU SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: The award recognizes outstanding achievement for ATAP Affirmed Members in good standing who have excelled in providing professional services. Qualified applicants will have registered for and attended at least one of the four events (Seminars /Webinars) offered by ATAP in partnership with KB over the past 12 months.

Submit your application today for the 2019 ATAP-KB Scholarship to be presented at our "Raise the Bar" fall seminar at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort, Alliston, Ontario.

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