Why we should follow each other on social media

Posted Nov 24th, 2021 in Articles

Why we should follow each other on social media

One of the main reasons you should follow ATAP Canada on social media is so that we can follow you back. We can then share some of your posts that would be of interest to our audiences of current and potential members and clients. This approach will increase engagement for both of us!

Another reason to follow us is to stay up to date with all the news and events from ATAP. We try to post every weekday. Our content includes information about our association, the benefits of our various partnerships, and upcoming educational events.

We also create posts designed to get potential clients to come to our website to find accounting and tax professionals. If you’re a member, you’re listed in the “Find a Professional” section of the site where potential clients can find you. Feel free to share these posts on your personal or company social media profiles to encourage potential clients who follow you to seek your help with their tax and accounting issues.

There’s also a bit of humour – the odd joke and some interesting perspectives on accounting terminology. Because tax and accounting professionals are more fun than our reputation would allow!

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