Continuing Education Survey Results

Posted Aug 2nd, 2022 in Articles

Continuing Education Survey Results

Being a professional means growing your business through continuing education and collaboration with other professionals like you. We offer annual Seminars to members and non-members alike in areas of business development, practice management, and upgrading skills. 

In order to ensure that we are offering you the most useful educational opportunities, we asked: What would you like to learn next? 

Here's what you told us.


  • Collecting money from client
  • Finding time to evaluate technology alternatives that will fit best into my firm's work environment.
  • I'm retired, so business issues don't affect me.
  • Changes to financial or management statements.


  • Specializing our services
  • How to convince staff to develop/upgrade their skills/knowledge, particularly in tax and/or technology areas.
  • I'm retired, so business issues don't affect me.


  • All about QSBS sale
  • US Returns and Canadians working in the US
  • How to properly execute corporate reorgs, Section 85 rollovers, dissolutions, etc.
  • sets to incorporate a business & filing requirements - how to value your business
  • Business Valuation
  • T1134 and T1135 Filing


  • How to optimize my time among my responsibilities: wife's medical needs, congregation's spiritual needs, employees' needs for direction, clients' needs for my professional services, etc - so that the greatest benefits are achieved.

5. What other topic or theme could we cover that would encourage you to attend?

  • A good review of the T1 and T2 regulations.  "Black holes" develop in our knowledge so reviews of basics are a must.
  • ... more audit coverage.
  • Planning & Pricing multi-disciplinary practices
  • Closing a corporation, step-by-step.  What to do when the sole shareholder dies.  Corporate wills. 
  • Training new hires, finding new employees who are either trained or trainable.  
  • General group discussions on problem clients.
  • There are always very advanced bookkeeping/accounting scenarios that practitioners come upon that are never in books or teaching - to group some of those and dig in would be excellent
  • Section 217 and non-resident taxes
  • Preparing US Taxes. A course on corporate tax – T2
  • Interaction with CRA
  • Part of the advisory services -> Forecasting - Business Plans, what would be the best tools, software/platforms to use for these services - In-depth taxation courses for both individuals with business income and corporations - Accounting for dividends - Accounting and tax regulations for crypto investments - Accounting for investments for individuals
  • Dual citizens, US returns
  • Estate planning for the business owners
  • none
  • more step-by-step introductions on T1 preparations and T2
  • I have downsized so most of the topics you offered are no longer relevant ... to me. I believe they were good options though.
  • Related, associated companies Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand regiments
  • Practice management
  • Crypto Currency, payment method, investment, and tax issues Veriguide


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