What does it mean to Thrive?

Posted Aug 15th, 2022 in Articles


To exist in an environment where you are always in control, often stimulated, able to use your talents to the fullest extent, and where you are not overburdened or overwhelmed by anything.


  • Staff who have good people skills and professional knowledge of accounting, tax and other small business advisory services.
  • After 42 years, I am easing out of the business, however, my clients do not want me to retire.
  • The business is on track. Time is the thing. Sometimes it just takes time.
  • Staff with more skills - not more staff but more skills
  • Maintain the standard of care I have always given my clients by treating them with respect, exceeding their expectations, giving sound tax and financial well-being advice, and being available for them when the need arises. 40 years & still counting!


  •  Our unofficial motto is believing, achieving, therefore succeeding
  • Create time by delegating more
  • Fewer demands on my time; staff and clients that learn how to do more of the work themselves - particularly the stuff that is more tedious or less complex.
  • When to say " no " to new clients.
  • Plan where you want to be and put the steps in place to achieve this goal.  Lots of hard work.  Always taking the high road ... always.
  • All of the above combine to make you successful. Without all of them, you are only part way there


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