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Posted Dec 18th, 2022 in Articles

In November 2022, we surveyed members and non-members to identify the most desirable topics for the January 2023 skills update seminar. Here's what you had to say.


  • I will attend a virtual course for updates on regulations. The other topics are not of interest.  I would prefer industry-specific sessions.
  • CRA How to get e-authorization for deceased taxpayers new to our firm; need step-by-step guidelines from CRA; or success stories from other practitioners
  • How to enter shared custody of a child or children, who claims the CCB and what documents are needed


  • All and anything new. 
  • Would like to see a session on cash accounting changes (if there have been any)


  • For my employee members: specifically, a course that summarises what is new in the accounting/tax industry (like compilations) and what that means to their work (NOT how to do a compilation engagement but HOW to prepare files for one - as an example)


  • During the day! (4)
  • Early morning - Coffee and Chat (2)
  • Online. Zoom - Make them available online to do when we can- January is such a busy month for accounting people. (2)

What else do you want us to consider as we plan our January seminar?

  • I would prefer to attend online due to the weather and the topics.
  • It would be helpful to have a 'crash course' in working in a fast-paced firm that is designed for employees (especially new) that help them understand what is needed when we go into year-end prep/tax season etc.  Something like a 'crash course in surviving the busy season' that is geared toward a multi-disciplinary firm.
  • Quality of speakers
  • Comparisons of tax software .. pros and cons.
  • Perhaps suggestions on how to run a tax prep business.  There are so many ways.  Highlight some that could be insightful to members.
  • Review the last federal budget, and explain the implications for our clients and us
  • Have more vendors participate in the event such as DEXT, Countable, Plooto, Wagepoint, Intuit, Xero, Taxcycle, Float, etc. This would help cover the costs of the event and gain knowledge of their products to use in our practice.
  • Managing costs while pivoting to online platforms. How to sell or upcharge to clients because of cost increases.
  • It is really a struggle right now to manage this. Increased employee costs, increased software and online charges, rent and equipment cost increase, Computer services cost up 75%. Why am I in business?   lol  
  • Capital gains calculations on the sale of rental or business
  • Section 85 rollovers?
  • Online presentation skills
  • I have hearing issues.  While I prefer attending in person the audio is sometimes not the best.  Seeing that a substantial number of your members are ageing, continued improvement in the area would be appreciated by many. 
  • Also, and end to end tax seminar is rather unpleasant to sit through.  These seminars should not be a school to learn how to prepare tax returns, but a technical update of changes and what is new for both T1 and T2.  
  • Focus on changes in upcoming tax season filings


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