Fall 2022 Seminar

October 21 & 22, 2022

On-site at Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, Ontario & online everywhere via Zoom events

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You know what they say about "all work and no play" ... We're not dull, so we planned some fun for Friday night!

The Unknown Comedy Club


The Work-from-Home Comedy Show

via Zoom (of course!)

We can all agree that working from home is awesome. Riding crowded public transportation with strangers sporting paper towels rather than masks and wearing pants to work are things of the past. However, with all these amazing benefits there is one glaring downside, the unbearable
loneliness resulting from spending long hours every day without any human contact.

The Work from Home Comedy Show focuses on creating a live virtual experience that feels like a live stand-up comedy show. Our productions will keep your staff socially engaged with their colleagues, and most importantly we will provide your staff with a positive community experience using clean corporate material. We start off by setting the mood with an amazing DJ who also closes out the show. Our tech team ensures everything runs smoothly, while still allowing it to be an interactive experience without background noise interfering. State-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology brings your show host to life as an avatar piloted by the incredible comedian Rodney Ramsey with 15+ years of comedy experience making each event a unique experience. 

Roche Financial Group 


Jungle Quest Mini-Golf Tournament

in-person only at Nottawasaga Inn

Journey through Nottawasag'a action-packed 18-hole, par 36, Jungle Quest mini-putt adventure. As you navigate along a winding fun-filled jungle expedition you will encounter treacherous lush terrain (watch out for the water hazard on hole 15) as well as native wildlife hiding around every corner.

The #5 signature hole is a tricky par 2 that leads right into the waterfall tribal crypt. A straight steady shot is required in order to sink your putt. Be careful not to disrupt the slumber of the dead with a rough shot!

A fun-filled adventure for all ages, Jungle Quest mini-golf is fully lit and features realistic jungle sounds.

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