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ATAP Membership

Affirmed/Affiliated Membership Level

Membership within ATAP is for those who are self-employed as a independent proprietor or a principal of a corporation they own. The majority of practitioners who apply for membership will be in this category.

Potential Affirmed Members must be self-employed for a minimum of one (1) year as either a tax, accounting or other financial professional. Individuals holding a Public Accounting Licence are not eligible for membership. Upon submitting your application for membership, you will be required to pass a qualifying competency exam (in either Accounting or Tax) within two years from the application date. Affirmed Members are those who have passed the affirmation exam and have received voting rights at the Association of Tax & Accounting Professionals Annual General Meeting(s).

Affirmed/Affiliated Membership Fees (2022/23)

$495.00 + tax per year*

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*Membership fees have remained unchanged since 2021.

Associate Membership Level

Employees of ATAP members can join too as associate members!

The Associate Member category is for practitioners who are employees of a member.

*Membership Fees are renewed each May 31st and new members will have their fees pro-rated to that date to coincide with the Association’s Membership year.

Associate Membership Fees (2022/23)

*Associate memberships are only available to employees of existing members. Please contact us for more information.

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