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It's no secret that we have been trying to grow our membership. Just over two years ago, we had virtually no outreach to our wider professional community.

Since then, we have started a mailing campaign and hosted information sessions in various cities for prospective members. We also rolled out a consolidated social media presence with a focus on finding new members.

About The Program

While our efforts are yielding results, we would like to ask for your help. Do you know any colleagues in your area that would make a great ATAP member? Is there anybody you constantly meet at professional functions that could benefit from joining our organization? If so, refer them to us and help us grow our membership!

We know it sounds crazy asking you to refer potential competitors to ATAP so they can enjoy the advantages you already have. However, the more we grow our membership, the better it is for all of us. With greater numbers come better opportunities for savings and discounts from partners, plus the ability to strengthen and expand our educational and professional development offerings. As the old saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats!

How Does This Work?

Simply send us the name and email address of a colleague that you think would be interested in joining our organization and we'll do the rest. Please join us in helping to grow our organization!

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