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With Membership in ATAP, Members, their employees and, in some cases their family members, have the opportunity to take advantage of Lawrie Insurance Group's exclusive money saving group insurance plans.

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Membership within ATAP opens up the potential for a wide range of insurance benefits with premiums that create cost savings, on-going benefits and financial protection.

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Available Insurance Packages

Professional Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance

Let’s face it, you could ride a motorcycle without a helmet on, but why would you! The same can be said about operating your accounting, bookkeeping and tax consultation practice without Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance. The ATAP Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance policy will protect your business and financial well-being with coverage geared to your Bookkeeping and Tax Consultation operations. ATAP Member’s Professional Liability premiums are based on your revenues with several limit options available.

Business Office Insurance Package

Available to ATAP Members who have taken advantage of the Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance this is a unique, low-cost Business Insurance Program is designed to cover your business in the event of Physical Damage losses as well as Commercial General Liability coverage.

Employment Practices Liability

Normally included in a Directors & Officers Liability policy you can buy this coverage as part of your package for a very low price that protects your business from Employee Disputes. For example, Wrongful dismissal or Human rights issues.

Cyber Insurance

As the Cyber world continues to evolve and change, our business relies much more heavily on online traffic and transactions than ever before. While new advancements in the Cyber world can aid us in obtaining new clients and working with client accounts more quickly and efficiently, your business can be exposed now more than ever to possible liability issues and crime. If you have a website, you should have Cyber Insurance. If you issue transactions online, you should have Cyber insurance. Your reputation, your personal and professional information, your money, as well as your client’s information is valuable and may need the extra protection that Cyber Insurance can offer you. For more information, please contact Angela Templeton directly at Extension 1372 or email, if you are interested in obtaining a quote.

Group Benefits Program

Regardless of the size of your business, if you have 2 or more employees, you qualify for the ATAP Group Benefit Plan. With group premium savings, guaranteed coverage and a wide choice of plan designs and options including:

  • Principal and Dependant Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Extended Health Coverage
  • Dental Benefits Coverage
  • Long-Term Disability Coverage

Home & Auto Insurance

Group Insurance Benefits don’t end with just your business. As an ATAP Member, you can also extend group discounts to your Home and Auto coverage which is frequently coming in at low-cost rate savings of 30% or more! Extend the benefits of your Membership with ATAP to your personal benefit today.

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