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Join Us on February 25, 2021 @ 1 pm

ATAP Presents Louie Prosperi from Strategic Clarity

Louie Prosperi

Louie Prosperi is the founder of Strategic Clarity (see full details about Louie Prosperi on his website at: Strategic Clarity).

Louie will be discussing the T1 Menu value-based model which comes from his customized programs that he has developed for his Bookkeeping and Accounting firms’ customers.

Louie looks at their current model and assesses whether their model’s core is designed for growth, succession and/or maximization of profits. This also includes quality of life goals of the owners and work-life balance.

His key areas of focus include but not limited to the following:

  • Understanding Value concepts and refocus on customer value. Scope Value is a false sense of security and does not matter.
  • Learning the difference between a knowledge-based firm from Service and why service-based business models do not work for professional firms.
  • Understanding where they are now – includes staff, customer portfolio, billing, service, review processes, profitability model, sustainability issues.
  • Setting key goals and helping with the implementation process and removing roadblocks both mentally and culturally in the firm.
  • Improving techniques regarding getting to know your customer, tracking, and building the proper infrastructure to meet desired goals.

This is just an overview and each firm he has have worked with (and still works with) over the past two years services have been customized to meet their needs.

This Webinar will be based on the following - Title: T1 Value based Menu pricing system.

  • This program will cover the basics on how to develop an option based T1 pricing model. We will look at how this can help you standardize your pricing and set-up add-on services.
  • We will look at developing three different levels of service and make it easier to bill and remove the tracking of time and reduce scope creep in your T1 season.
  • Have a more transparent process in your billing and services to your customers.
  • Understand your medium price and develop a minimum price.
  • Asses your T1 customer portfolio and do some basic calculations in assessment of your customer base.

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