Winter 2023 Seminar

January 20 & 21, 2023

On-site at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, 801 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario
& online everywhere via Zoom events

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Built by CPAs for CPAs, Countable is a 100% cloud-based working paper automation and management tool. It is geared to help accounting professionals save time and improve profitability.

With Countable, your firm can integrate accounting software, automate engagements, and centralize workflows. This means you can rely on Countable to automap trial balances, populate lead sheets, and generate financial statements instantly.

Here are some of the key features that will help unlock the benefits of working paper automation for your firm:

  1. MS Office and pdf editor integration: edit and access all necessary information in one central place. No more downloading and uploading files.
    Auto mapping and adjusting entries: automap trial balance, populate lead sheets, and generate financial statements in one simple click and keep them updated in real-time.
  2. File roll forward: create a template from existing engagements and then roll-forward respective changes to the next engagement.
  3. Workbook and financial statements: one central place for you to review the trial balance by lead sheet along with referenced documents, balance sheets, and income statements.
  4. Real-time cloud-based collaboration: work with a unified client portal that allows team members to work on queries with clients, communicate via a secure network, and ensure version control.
  5. CPA-compliant checklists and templates: pick from our carefully crafted master library to add, edit, and arrange the notes to financial statements. Every CPA-required checklist you need is embedded right inside each engagement.
  6. Push-Back to source: approve and push back selected journal entries into Xero and QBO after the engagement is completed. This ensures that the Xero and QBO finalised trial balance matches with your finalised financial statements and tax returns at year-end. This will prevent any retained earnings reconciliation differences next year if you forget to post the year-end adjusting entries or incorrectly post them.
  7. Countable is making the switch painless with a simple 4-step onboarding process that takes 5 to 30 minutes. The entire process doesn’t leave the platform and is guided by self-paced video tutorials and free, unlimited support. This ensures that the average Countable user is working on their first engagement within thirty minutes of joining.

Check out our no-commitment, 30-day trial at

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PSII offers Professional Employment Services as well as complete Human Capital Management. We enable organizations to outsource Payroll Processing, Time & Attendance, Human Resources, Accounting and Professional Services within more than 80 countries. We design solutions specific to your business' needs and budgetary requirements. In addition, we offer our clients the flexibility of managed, self-serve payroll or payroll software licensing.

We provide an intimate service structure that enables us to provide designated, live service support. Whether it is basic Payroll or a complete enterprise configuration, in a hosted environment, we can accommodate organizations of any size, jurisdiction, and multi-lingual, multi-currency format. Upon request, we are happy to provide a no-cost analysis and proposal that will suit all your business needs.

Global Payroll Management.

We leverage more than 30 years of combined experience with our global partners. We deliver trusted results, transformative technology, and in-market expertise. Save time and money with our new generation of Human Resources, Time & Labour Management, and Payroll all tied together in one package.

Our innovative and integrated approach provides multi-language, user-friendly, web-based software systems available through any PC, mobile or tablet device. Our easy software implementation will support your entire organization, and management needs anywhere in the world. Our ultimate focus is building strong relationships and providing an outstanding customer experience with companies of all sizes in all markets.

Our mission, put simply, is to by making global expansion and payroll operations accessible to all organizations across the globe, regardless of size or industry.


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